We are not mainstream. Neither we want to be.
We don’t have an industrialized production structure. Our work is developed by hand. We do not create equal pieces – each YUMELD item is unique and exclusive. We do not a have structured sales strategy backed by accurate management knowledge. Instead, we have soul and a vision.
We don’t produce daily content for social web. Our communication is genuine and spontaneous.
We do not promise a prompt delivery. Our stock is low, probably your order will be produced specially for you.
We are not a clothing brand. We create a passionate relationship between design and silkscreen, exploring it in many different materials.
We are authentic, we do not make what is equal – trends just inspire us to follow our own path.
We materialize aesthetics, we play with monochrome and seek the organic nature of geometry. We think in those who don’t want to be “another brick in the wall”.


It is in a small workshop, that each YUMELD piece is born – from the graphic art, inspired by an idea, concept or emotion, until its printing in the several materials we work with. Using manual silkscreening, a craft printing technique, our work is exclusively handmade in each step of the process.
A humble but powerful process, sometimes rudimentary, but that allow us to offer quality, lasting and genuinely unique products.


We do not want our work to be just another force contributing for the dangerous consumerism that is undermining our planet. We believe in a sustainable choice and we know the role we, brands and companies, play in building a conscious path. This is why we choose reliable partners, who supply certified products manufactured in an ethical and eco-friendly environment.